At Effortless Gent, we advocate for the best when it comes to men’s style essentials. Recently, a special collaboration between Billy Reid and Huckberry caught our eye, and well… we just had to tell you all about it.

We’re also aware and strive not to go too overboard when it comes to the cash you spend on your clothes. It’s a balancing act and ongoing process that can take years to master.

What’s great, however, is that the more you focus on building a wardrobe that works for you, the easier it gets to spot the right style essentials that work precisely for you and your lifestyle.

Billy Reid: Modern & Timeless Menswear

To wit, certain brands begin standing out over time for their approach to quality and craftsmanship, perhaps even notoriety.

A prime example – the beautiful, refined, and high-quality menswear produced by American designer Billy Reid. We’re talking modern sensibility, timeless style, and rugged appeal all rolled into one.

Yes, the bar has been set very high. We’ll tell you about the brand, and more importantly, some of our favorite shopping picks from his collaboration with Huckberry. We’ll also provide insight into how a few key pieces can amp up your wardrobe, without going overboard.

Think of this as a sort of “Goldilocks” approach. A brand that represents the modern man and doesn’t veer off into inaccessible high fashion.

The Billy Reid Brand

The Billy Reid brand roots probably have something to do with the brand accessibility. Billy himself launched the brand more than 20 years ago in Florence, Alabama, where headquarters still are today.

Since then, Reid’s taken home fashion industry honors (as the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s best menswear designer) and continued to make gear that’s utterly classic and timeless. Don’t worry, this isn’t “capital F Fashion” by any means.

Billy Reid also hosts a hotly anticipated “Shindig” each year in Alabama, bringing together the who’s who of the menswear world to experience the lifestyle behind the Billy Reid clothing brand. Think outstanding rock and country music performances, fine spirits, and great food – oh, and let’s not forget about the clothes.

So, the brand’s ethos is clear from the get-go, with quality craftsmanship and an easygoing style top of mind.

Brand Notoriety

That ethos has taken the brand some pretty great places.

You might recognize the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat from its star turn in the James Bond film “Skyfall,” or perhaps recognize the brand from a more familiar place, such as one of its beautifully appointed stores in Charleston, Chicago, or NYC.

At any rate, we think you’ll love getting to know Billy Reid.

If you need more convincing, he recently launched some excellent new fall menswear through one of our favorite retail sites, San Francisco’s Huckberry.

Let’s get acquainted with a new favorite brand and picks.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt — Huckberry Exclusive

During a recent event at his NYC store (whiskey and menswear anyone?), Reid told your humble menswear author he’s been making this shirt since the early 2000s — and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

If you’ve been looking for a way to switch up your shirting rotation, there’s no better way to do it than with a perfectly rugged denim shirt in faded black denim, finished off with antique brass snaps for rugged appeal.

Wear this black denim shirt atop a white henley, then add in black denim for a rock-ready look — give it a shot, even if you’re unsure.

And even if the black colorway is sold out, every wash looks incredible and is worth your consideration.


Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt

Didn’t think you’d be able to find a sweater that’s as at home at a holiday party as it is on a weekend paired with cozy joggers? Let us point you toward the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt. It’s another newly iconic offering that just so happens to be exclusive to Huckberry.

Dover SweatshirtThis shirt is the definition of a refined crewneck sweatshirt. It’s able to be worn with a corduroy blazer or on its own with perfectly faded denim. Leather sleeve patches give it an old-school vibe, while the cotton-poly construction means you can even wear it with a short-sleeve tee.


Billy Reid Packable Camelia Shirt Jacket

These Billy Reid clothing picks are packed with proper styling details. This elevates them a cut above more typical menswear out there.

Camelia Shirt JacketIn some cases, these are small touches (such as the refined leather underneath the collar of the Bond Peacoat). And at other times, those touches are more noticeable. This brings us to the Packable Camelia Shirt Jacket’s cool, eye-catching and yet subtle all-over pattern.

Yes indeed, if there was an understated way to do camo, it would have to be this custom camo take, which perfectly amps up the packable shirt jacket. You just found your new favorite fall and winter travel jacket.


Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket

Another thing we love about Billy Reid, and something we think you’ll love too, is that the brand never compromises.

Billy Reid is always looking to make the best possible version of whatever’s being worked on — be it a rugged denim shirt outfitted with antique brass snaps instead of normal buttons, or a field jacket taken to the next level with rugged waxed cotton.

Dempsey JacketThe Dempsey Jacket can be worn atop a slim white Oxford shirt. It could also be work with a black henley for an edgy weekend ensemble. The price is investment-level, but this is the last jacket of its kind you’ll need to buy for a LONG time.


Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans

We’ve got a thing for fabrics that call to mind certain seasons. Take moleskin, a wonderfully soft fabric primed for cold weather in terms of texture, feel, and in this case, color.

Moleskin JeansMoleskin is a fun way to switch things up from typical denim or chinos. In this instance, Billy Reid’s Moleskin Jeans excel. They feature a classic, but not baggy, fit and special features like reinforced back pockets and leather-backed rivets. Yes, the details count, and Billy Reid gets them all correct.


Check out the whole collection on Huckberry

The above picks really are just a taste of Billy Reid clothing as sold by Huckberry. It’s worth taking a deep dive into the collection if you want seasonally friendly menswear that’s a long-term investment. And who doesn’t want that?

Billy Reid x Huckberry Collection Price: starting at $57 Billy Reid x Huckberry Collection

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