Update: Thanks to all you guys who entered. I’ve sent out the invites. If I get more, I’ll be sure to announce it via Facebook, so make sure to like EG! Some of you didn’t leave your email address… I would’ve sent you one, but if I have to look for a way to contact you, well, I’m not gonna do that. ūüôā

A few days ago, image-based social network Pinterest raised $100 million in funding, placing their valuation at something like $1.5 billion. Amazing.

Pinterest is pretty cool. It’s fun to use and browse, and I can see why it’s addicting. Kinda like Tumblr and its endless scrolling.

But you know what I like better than Pinterest? Gentlemint.¬†It’s a mint of manly things.

A manly version of Pinterest!

What’s that mean exactly? Instead of pictures of, say, beautiful food or lovely interiors (nothing wrong with either, of course), there are images of video game system collections and awesome keychains.

Gentlemint is young¬†(run by two guys in their spare time), it’s gritty, and it’s tailored to dudes.¬†Basically, it’s awesome.

Never heard of it?

Gentlemint started off as a pet project and received a lot of exposure in a very short amount of time. In order to manage the large influx of interested dudes wanting to use the site, an invite-only system had to be put in place.

I’m excited to see it grow in the coming years as gents like you and me add to the mint.¬†I met Glen, one of the creators, last summer. I reached out to him recently and he was kind enough to pass along some invites to give out to you guys. Best of all, I¬†have seven of them!

Want one?

Here’s how to win an invite to Gentlemint

Check out Gentlemint and pick your three favorite images from the mint. Link us to your three favorites in the comments below, and tell us why they’re so awesome.

Don’t forget to leave your name and actual email address so I can send you an invite if you win.

That’s it! Good luck!

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