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Hey gents,

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Graduating Your Style. If not, it’s an eBook I released earlier in the year that helps readers take their style from clueless and uninspired to grown-man and classic.

57 pages (plus a bunch of bonus material) walk you through the whole process, from evaluating your current closet situation, to identifying what’s worth keeping and what you need to get rid of, to (finally) restocking your closet with the essentials and shopping for classic staples meant to last you years.

On top of that, we show you exactly what to do with the things you buy and how to pair them with everything else. Our list of twenty-something items yields numerous different outfits applicable to just as many social situations.

GYS has gotten such great reviews and priceless feedback, and I’m so happy that it continues to help many people take the steps needed to upgrading their personal style.

(Want to take another quick look at it? Click right here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.)

I truly believe the content in GYS is awesome, and if a reader takes active steps to follow everything in the book, he will have massive success.

There’s always been one thing that’s bugged me, however. It’s still a book.

I can’t (easily) edit a book. I certainly can’t edit the one that’s in your hands (or on your hard drive).

I can’t answer your questions, should you happen to have one after finishing a certain section. You could email me, but then you’d have to frame your scenario, describe what section you were reading, and finally ask the question. That’s a big pain in the ass for you, the style student.

I can’t easily update any links to the latest products or photos (or fix broken links in general).

There are lots of things I can’t do when it comes to a published digital guide.

What’s one better than a killer eBook filled with resources you need?

How about a course?

A fully-stocked, interactive, engaging course filled to the brim with useful content and information you need to help you get to the next level of your own personal style?

I’m talking about a specific topic with modules, lessons, action steps, shopping lists, clothing descriptions (so you know exactly what you’re looking for), instructional videos, forums (so you can interact with others in the course, hold meetups, buy and sell or trade items), and a more personal conversation with me?

I’ve always believed the next logical step would be to create a course… like a more organic version of GYS, alive with buzz and the feeling of community, plus a way to interact with others on your level as well as me (whom you’ll have special access to on a way more intimate level).

Sounds kinda awesome, right?

The best thing about this course is that it’s not done yet. I need YOUR help to build it and bring it to life.

I want to hear from you and get your input so I can build something that YOU will find extremely useful and valuable… and more importantly, applicable, so you can get out there and confidently upgrade your style and make the changes you want to see.

What would you want this course to cover?

I have a general outline of this course already complete. I know the direction I plan on taking it, but I need your help to get it there.

No suggestion is too small or too big, no concept too advanced or too simple. I’m open to any and every suggestion. I can’t promise every single one will be incorporated, but I’ll do my best to include the things a majority of you want to learn about.

So let’s hear it, gents. We’re all style students, just at different levels of experience.

If you had a style-focused course at your disposal, what would you want it to cover? What are you still hung up on and where could you use some help?

Make sure to leave your ideas in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Looking forward to reading your suggestions!

Fifth&Brannan’s upcoming collection III

EG has grown a bit and gained quite a number of new readers since the last 5&B announcement, so many of you might not know I also own a menswear label.

I co-founded Fifth&Brannan with my fiancé Kate about three years ago. We started out with a selection of shirting, wonderfully fitted and made of the best fabrics we could find, all created in small batches locally in San Francisco.

Since then, we’ve expanded our offering to include accessories (our ties and bows are sewn by a half-century-old tie making company in New York), made-to-order denim (also crafted here in San Francisco), and as of this collection, a tailored denim jacket and a selection of chinos perfect for when your denim needs a rest.

We’re really excited about our latest collection and I can’t wait to show you guys more. We plan on doing more pop-up shops around town too, so if you’re planning a trip to SF any time soon, make sure you check in. We just might be having one the same time you’re visiting.

Stay updated with Fifth&Brannan by hopping on our list. We infrequently update (so you’re not getting a bunch of email), but when we do, it’ll be delightful, uplifting, and will fill your heart with joy. Hopefully.

Sign up here, and we have a little gift for all you newcomers once you get on the list.

That’s all for now

Like I mentioned before, we’re busy over here! Can’t wait to hear your suggestions for some course topics.

Till next time!



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