Hey gents,

Some of you may know and follow my girlfriend Katie of Fifth&Brannan fame. Right now, she’s in the middle of launching her premiere Fall / Winter 2011 menswear collection, which should be releasing this summer.

We’re well on our way but need a little extra help with funding, as producing a line totally on your own from scratch is actually pretty expensive. :] We launched a fundraising campaign with Kickstarter. This makes it easy for people who find her project interesting to essentially become backers of the venture.

Check out her video for more info about the project:

(Can’t see the video above? Click here to see it on Kickstarter)

We’re typically not the type to ask for help and we’ve made it this far, but to have a really kick-ass launch, we need a little assistance.

5 ways to help

If you liked the video and want to help us make this premiere launch super successful and awesome, here are 5 ways you can help:

  1. Pledge! It’s super simple. Just go here and click BACK THIS PROJECT, the big green button on the right. No pledge is too small, seriously. You can back us for as little as $5. Depending on how much you pledge, you can get some awesome prizes, including handmade Fifth&Brannan ties and pocket squares.
  2. Tweet this on Twitter
  3. Share this on Facebook
  4. Tumble this on Tumblr
  5. Pass this link along to those who may be interested in our project and want to help. Here’s the link to share: http://kck.st/dEU4Bp

A long time comin’

It means a lot to us to have this line come to life. It’s been a long process (over a year) filled with many long nights of going over fabric swatches, thread colors, sketches, patterns, samples, on and on. Some of you have been around since the beginning of both this site and Fifth&Brannan. To both our long-time and newer readers, thanks so much for reading, pledging, sharing, and for all your support.

Stay tuned for hard launch dates, as well as any other updates on Fifth&Brannan’s progress. Oh, and our big launch event in San Francisco on June 18th!

You can always stop by Katie’s site and say hi… I’m sure she’d love it.

Till next time!

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2 Responses

  1. Dan on

    Done! Pledged $25 so I can get a super-cool pocket square. I enjoy your blog a lot and it’s good to give something back. Best of luck to you guys.