I started this blog with the everyday man in mind. I wanted to create a community where a man (or his lady) can come for no-nonsense tips on how to wear clothes. This isn’t high fashion; this isn’t the runway in Milan. This is Tuesday morning at the office, a quick run to the grocery store, or Sunday brunch with the girlfriend. There are choices to be made in each of these situations, and we want to equip men with the knowledge to make the appropriate ones.

When it comes to getting ready, we feel most men are satisfied putting on anything that 1.) happens to be within their reach, and 2.) doesn’t yet smell. A common mansumption is that fussing about clothing is “girly” or high-maintenance, or worse yet, unimportant. This man could not be more wrong! The way a man presents himself is his handshake with the world. Presentation is important, like your mom always said.

Sadly, a majority of men don’t realize their sartorial sins. Often, his woman doesn’t recognize his terrible style choices either, or worse yet, makes terrible style decisions herself… but that is above and beyond the scope of this conversation.

crocs: why?

Now, gents, some of you may be thinking, “I’m way too busy / I’m too fat / I hate shopping / clothes don’t look good on me / my lady buys my clothes for me,” well just stop right there (especially with that last one, because as evidenced by the picture above, that’s not always the best decision. I’d bet 100-to-1 this wife went to the nearest mall kiosk and bought all those Crocs herself.)

Dressing well doesn’t have to be difficult, fussy, troubling, or over-involved, it simply involves making a set of choices different from those you already make in the morning. What are those choices? Well, that’s what brought you here, right?

This blog will cover the essentials of a man’s wardrobe, routine, and lifestyle, and how to better equip yourself for all three. Youre gonna do these things anyway, why not just do them better? Life is too short to not be your absolute best. We will help you get there, and we’ll make it effortless.

Until next time.

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